About Us

Hello, I’m Lily! I’m an entrepreneur & expecting mom-to-be. I created We Half It All blog to celebrate, track – the beauty of life, marriage, motherhood, parenthood, family, and everything else in that we are blessed with.


*1st generation immigrant


*Financially independent millennial.


*Run my own businesses.


*Expected mom to be.


*Mixed married, because love has no color.


*Living life by our OWN rules


More About Me

I grew up in a seaside village near the coast of Southern China and immigrated to the United States at the age of 9. My parents and I are very fortunate to be here but not without hardship. My family found every mattress and everything television set we have ever owned on the sidewalk. We jumped from relative to relative kind enough to offer us their home until we could stand on our feet.

After I graduated from university, I had to rewire myself on the concept of self-actualization. Once I learned to un-imagined my personal doubts, I accepted that I wanted to have a better life for myself than the life I had growing up.

Becoming first-time parents during the very start of the coronavirus pandemic was very jarring, to say the least. Parenthood has been the hardest ride my husband and I have ever gone on, but we feel very, very blessed to be part of each other’s lives. Watching our little bundle of love grow up has been the highlight of my days ever since our daughter was born.

The best privilege of my life is being able to define my own meaning of happiness, and it’s so simple: family, and food.